New Mobile Clinic: many thanks to Cut&Stitch and Anna’s friends!!!



The new vehicle we recently purchased is already working as Mobile Clinic to help to treat leprosy, tuberculosis and HIV patients.  This purchase was an urgent need as the old one was giving us too much trouble with frequent break downs and brake failures. That made it so difficult to run our clinics smoothly and was also putting the driver and passengers in danger, as these clinics are held on the road and cater to the needs of the slum population. 

With the tremendous rise in skin and other monsoon related diseases showed in the recent months, buying a new vehicle proved to be for LSS of the utmost importance. 

We would like to thank the generous people who made this thing possible:

Cut&Stitch (Patrizia Costa, Pat Carra and all the people – especially the girls! – involved in the project).

– The friends of Anna Assorgi.

God Bless!

Your generous gesture will always be remembered .

Much love to everybody!!!


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