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Founded in the year 1976, Lok Seva Sangam has been working passionately towards better healthcare focusing on control of Leprosy and Tuberculosis, while also providing free education and access to learning centers to the underprivileged and marginalized section of the society. The objective was clear from the beginning: through health and education, work for the restitution of the dignity of the most marginalized, especially the leprosy patients. The process is systematic, scientific, and measurable. Being the first civil organization of this kind in Mumbai,by 1980 LSS having received the mandate from the municipality to be responsible for the L and M wards  was running 33 skin clinics. LSS is also dedicated to improving the nutritional level, especially in children, and have an impact on the social and economic development of needy families through guidance centers. In 2015, under the guidance of Inter Aide, LSS started the new Family Development Programme (FDP), working with counseling and women empowerment.

Impact in 2022
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Impact since inception
  • Patients received in mobile clinics


  • Leprosy cases identified


  • TB patients being followed


  • Families followed in FDP programme


  • Children in educational programme


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