Continuing Childrens Education in a pandemic


Continuing the education of children of the LSS Education Centres of Bainganwadi, Rafi Nagar and Cheeta Camp has been a difficult endeavour. Online Education, seen as a panacea to this crisis, has brought, with it, it’s share of complications. Limited or no access to the internet and smart phones make the benefits of this form of education available to only a few. As this seemed the only way for disadvantaged children not to lose out, LSS too started the initiative. While there are a few from these areas who have the privilege of owning a basic smart phone and somehow manage to pay for the internet there are many others who cannot. 12 teachers are involved in the Online Class. Below are a few photographs of the same:

Teacher Seema Sawant with a few of her students

Education Co-ordinator Seema Patil with her batch of children
Teacher Bhuvaneshwari Nikam, doing a survey of 112 children to find out how many of the children have access to smart phones and the internet. Only 57% were able to be part of the online classes.. Why ?? you may ask . This is because the others had neither a smart phone nor the money to pay for the internet.

Our appeal to all reading this post is to kindly donate your old smart phones, tabs (in working condition) to us so that we may give these children the opportunity to learn .. You may also donate the internet charges. Whatever is convenient for you will be of use to our endeavour.

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