LSS builds lives with the help of Sachin Patil


Ashwini Kamble

Ashwini Kamble – Ashwini is an orphan. She stays with her sister. After the death of their parents, Ashwini used to do domestic work and earn Rs. 1500.00 pm.  At the same time she continued he FY BCom through a correspondence course. As the salary of a domestic was insufficient to fund her studies she  moved on to work in a garment factory for Rs.2500/- pm. However this too was not enough so LSS  was on the look out for someone who could give her a  job with a decent salay.  Sachin Patil came to our rescue and  procured a job for Ashwini at D mart. She now earns 7000 Rs.P.M.

Ashwini and her sister are now able to live simple but self sufficient lives with basic amenities like electricity which they could not afford before.

Arun Sunriwal

Arjun Sunriwal earned a meagre sum of Rs.3000/- pm mending shoes.  He is the only earning member of a family of 5 and could not meet the expenses of health and education of his family.  With the help of Sachin Patil, Arjun is now a security guard at D Mart too, earning Rs.8000/- pm.

Passport Photo

Sachin Patil – Manager (Maintenance Dept.) at D Mart

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