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LSS is now intensifying the activity of the workshops, as they are having a more and more important role within the global project of the organization: the proceeds are addressed partly to the people who take part in the workshop, partly to other activities of LSS. A circle of positive energies and resources that go, come and split.

But LSS has educative goals, not economic: through an intense training, LSS wants to develop the self esteem, the confidence in themselves, in the people that are involved in the different projects. To participate in a workshop, to assume responsibility, to respect a commitment, to be able to create a good, well done  product: all these elements  bring not only money, but confidence and trust in oneself, in one’s ability: that is, in one word, empowerment. We have to feed the spirit, not only the body..


This workshop, already active in the past, is now increasing its role. The idea is to create shopping bags, table mats, folders, that are printed in an outside centre, then embroidered and stitched in the workshop.

The aim is to offer a handicraft that can be ordered in a certain quantity by firms, restaurants, schools, and so forth, for private or public events. The items are personalized with a logo, that is embroidered in some details. The embroidery plus the logo is the speciality of the product.



The women involved in the project are now small in number, but they will hopefully grow in accordance with the achieved orders.


As for other workshops, the women working in the project will receive some money for each item. Whereas a part of the proceeds will be spent for buying the materials, in order to prepare samples to show to the new customers and to improve women’s abilities, the main part will be utilized to sponsor LSS no-productive activities (the educational projects, for instance).


Moreover, a small amount of money will be invested to organize training classes (at least two per year) so that the women can improve their abilities in cutting and stitching, or learn other kinds of handicraft.


The workshop needs some time to organize its activities, based on the number of pieces requested. Based upon the first contact with the potential customer, an estimation of costs and time needed to fulfil the order will be provided.  As the order is formalized, the costumer will give 50% of the total amount as down-payment, so that materials can be bought and women can be activated.  We underline that, since the proceeds are used within the NGO, a cancellation of the order will cause no refund.


Every item will have a label with a short description of the Project, LSS and its activities.


Coordinator of the project is Ethel D’Souza (mobile: + 91 98 9258 8712; e-mail: For information and assistance in Italian: Patrizia Costa (mobile: India + 91 98 2086-1849; Italy +39 338 220-5989; e-mail:



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