Christmas Party – December 23, 2007 – Save the date!



Every year on December 23rd, Lok Seva Sangam hosts a Christmas Party for the children of the Balwadis of Chunabhatti, Cheeta Camp and Bainganwadi. The children of these balwadis are from families living below the poverty line where their parents cannot afford one square meal a day.  LSS provides them with education, clothes and a daily meal with the aim of bringing them out of their miserable existence and hope that they will live a fulfilling and decent life in future.

As Christmas is a time for sharing, LSS brings this Christmas joy to around 300 children every year where each balwadi entertains the other by way of stage shows (like the Christmas play) dance and song acts and health skits all performed by the children and some guests.  Presents and new clothes are given to each child and some snacks distributed to all present.  The party is incomplete without the HO ! HO! HO ! of Santa Claus.  So we are always on the lookout for Santa. 

Any one willing to take his place this year?

So, see you all at 3pm at our place at the following address:

Lok Seva Sangam

D/1, Everard Nagar
Eastern Express Highway
Sion, Mumbai – 400 022

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