Anti-Leprosy Week – January/February 2008



As usual, Lok Seva Sangam finalized the yearly Anti-Leprosy Week with the Community Group Project of Baingawadi. The whole programme was conducted with a view to generate awareness among the masses that Leprosy is a completely curable disease and that one should without any fear of being stigmatized, immediately approach the nearest Municipal Dispensary for treatment. As a immediate result, there has been a slow and steady voluntary inflow of leprosy suspects to all our dispensaries and more will come in. The major share of the credit for the resounding success of the Anti Leprosy Week Programme goes to members of the Self Help Group, as without their co operation and contribution nothing would have been possible. Herewith below is the relevant programme carried on: 

30.01.2008 – ANTI LEPROSY RALLY  A Rally was flagged off from the Bainganwadi Community Development to Rafiq Nagar. Departmental Medical Officer Dr (Mrs) Lokhande of Baiganwadi Health Post inaugurated the Anti-Leprosy Week Programme.  She joined the Rally along with 100 students of Rose High School, LSS’ School for Children students and the Self Help Group members. Pamphlets were distributed along the way and Slogans shouted out, in order to bring awareness amongst the people about Leprosy. 

31.01.2008 and 2.2.08 – EXHIBITIONS ON LEPROSY 

An Exhibition was held on 31st January 2008 at the Shiv Sena Branch office, Nr. Old Bus Depot, Baiganwadi and near Dr. M. S. Kini’s Clinic, Shivaji Nagar. As mentioned earlier, the Anti Leprosy week is based on Leprosy awareness, so that people should understand the proper causes and effects of this disease, avoid neglecting the signs and symptoms of the disease and acknowledge the importance of hygiene. Information that the disease is completely curable with proper and timely treatment was conveyed through the exhibits. 


During Anti Leprosy week a seminar was conducted for the people residing in Nirankari Bhavan and Plot no. 8, D – Line, Baiganwadi, briefing them about Leprosy, the cost of the disease, the symptoms and the precaution to be taken for the same.  

04.02.2008 – STREET PLAY 

A  Street play was enacted on 4th February 2008 at Nr. Sanjay Nagar municipal school, Baiganwadi, to bring about social awareness and also to improve the standard of living of the people residing there. Pamphlet’s of information on Leprosy were also distributed by members of the Self Help Groups, so that awareness about Leprosy would be generated. 


The whole day was spent distributing Pamphlets of information on Leprosy and Leprosy clinics of Lok Seva Sangam to the private practitioners of Baiganwadi by members Self Help Group.  

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